Black Swan Security Congress

26. - 27. 5. 2020 / Prague

About BSSC20 - Human Error
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Human factor has always been and still remains the biggest information security threat. Most of organizations world-wide invest a lot to assorted technical solutions but not much to precaution against human factor threats. Looking at the common practise we see fecklessness and underestimation when it comes to way how to treat human risks. The obvious asymmetry between majority of successful “cyber attacks” based on some kind of social engineering (phishing mostly) and lack of effort and focus put into this topic on the side of organizations and individuals makes human error the biggest potential black swan of most IT systems security and thou event whole internet reliability and stability. Too flagrant? Click here.


Confirmed speakers for Black Swan Security Congress 2020: HUMAN ERROR.

Rachel Tobac

A Human Hacker Playbook: Account Takeover in 1 Day & How To Stop Me

Rachel Tobac
Hacker, CEO of SocialProof Security

Joe Gray

A DECEPTICON and AUTOBOT walk into a bar: A NEW Python tool for enhanced OPSEC

Joe Gray
Social Engineer, OSINT Specialist, Security Researcher

Karin Gubalová

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Karin Gubalová
Head of Risk & Compliance Division

Emma Heffernan

A Phishing Trip

Emma Heffernan
Student and Security Analyst


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Cryptoanarchist and cypherpunk

Frank Braun

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Frank Braun
Cryptoanarchist and cypherpunk

Stay tuned for more confirmed speakers.

Call for Participation

Would you like to become a speaker or suggest one? Great! This year we are reaching out to our global community and we are opening a Call for Participation (CFP). Please, submit your proposal(s) using the following interface. All applicants must read and agree to the CFP Submission Requirements prior to making a submission.


Tickets are available via our e-shop. Please note, that unlike the Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis #HCPP, the Black Swan Security Congress is very limited in terms of total number of attendees that the Institute of Cryptoanarchy venue is able to accommodate. THERE ARE ONLY 80 TICKETS IN TOTAL AVAILABLE FOR SALE. The event will not be live-streamed to the public internet.

Current price of a non-business ticket for full two congress days is 1690 CZK (~66 EUR), price of a business ticket is 3690 CZK (~145 EUR).

Regular Ticket

Only 1690 CZK (~66 EUR)

Regular Ticket + T-Shirt Bundle

Only 1990 CZK (~78 EUR)

Business Ticket

Only 3690 CZK (~145 EUR)

Venue - Institute of Cryptoanarchy

Unique industrial multi-purpose professional event space in the heart of Holešovice district in Prague ideal for presenting various projects and hosting community events. Fully equipped with audio & video technology and able to accommodate up to 100 people.

Previous years

Since 2014, our crew has brought to you a number of unforgettable events, like HCPP19 - Opt-out, HCPP18 - New Order, Black Swan 2018, HCPP17 - Liberate!, HCPP16 - Decentralized, HCPP15 - Blackout and HCPP14.


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